Find out why Australian women play casino games more frequently

Today Australia is rightly considered the most gambling country in the world, and the games here are loved by both men and women. A few years ago, gamblers were traditionally dominated by adult and even elderly men, while the number of women was small. But times are changing, and in the twenty-first century, among the frequenters of land-based and online casinos, you can find roughly equal representation of both sexes. Thanks to Yana from team for answering questions;

Rise of Female Australian Gamblers

The dramatic rise in female gambling has coincided with the development of the online gambling sector. Moreover, the hypothetical “average gambler” has also become considerably younger. As statistics shows, young women much more often give preference to online casinos than to land-based establishments. This is due to the following reasons:

  • Women value their time more, so it is much more convenient for them not to waste hours on the way to the place and back — they prefer visiting the casino site from their computer or mobile device.
  • Young girls are able to gamble at the casino at any time via the internet, and often use this opportunity.
  • Contrary to the stereotype, women are generally more attentive to details and can focus better, and this helps them to win.

Social Importance

Times have changed, and today it’s no longer surprising that there are roughly equal numbers of men and women in casino halls. Moreover, even in male-dominated games such as poker, women can be quite successful. Most women poker players are more reticent than many males. As we have found out in many poker competitions, women can easily hide their real emotions behind their spontaneity and outward embarrassment. It is hard not to agree that the beautiful ladies have much more innate acting talent, which is so necessary in poker.

Along with the fact that more women have started coming to casinos and gambling sites, the gambling industry itself has begun to change. This is most noticeable in advertising. Whereas previously the emphasis was on the aggressive style of the confident man, now females are also included in the target audience. And this means that the concept of advertising itself is modifying, becoming softer and more reasonable.

What Games Do Aussie Women Prefer?

Although women poker players are no longer rare, most of the beautiful ladies still prefer gambling entertainment, which is less related to skill. The fact is that, for most women, gambling is not a way to assert themselves or a way to win big cash prizes. Mostly, girls and women come to the casino for fun, to have a good time with friends, have a few drinks and so on.

On gaming websites, ladies also prefer colorful pokies or beautifully realized roulettes. Generally speaking, Australian women have an easier attitude towards this activity than men, deciding to enjoy the process itself and not make a tragedy out of losses.