gambling addictionWhile we all love online casinos and enjoy our time spend with our favorite online slots, there are many people who struggle with a vivid addiction and require help. Sadly, too many people know someone with a developed addiction that troubles both the person and their family.

At the same time, many addicts do not want any help from their friends and relatives, but it does not mean that you must stop trying your best to pull them out from the pit before they get into trouble.

Tip #1. Invite them to go out

Addictions are often developed by people who lack social interactions. For example, introverts usually do not require lots of attention and avoid being in company. They rarely develop addictions due to having a more versatile field of interests. Lonely people will be exposed to stresses and problems much more and as a result will eventually need some sort of relief. Some choose alcohol and recreational drugs. Others start gambling recklessly. Remember that you can be of help to your friends who start spending too much time in online casinos.

Tip #2. Inform their relatives

If you noticed an unhealthy behavior like irritability, nervousness, and aggressiveness, it may mean that your friend is on a losing streak and cannot stop. This often results in obtaining debt and creating problems for the family. Some people consider exposing addictions of their friends something intrusive and awkward, but you should never allow such feelings prevent you from saving your friend and their family from irresponsible behavior. Inform your friend’s spouse/close relatives as soon as possible if you notice any signs of concerning behavior.

Tip #3. Talk to them about addictions

Do not press them and create unnecessary tension. A conversation should sound natural and start from something completely unrelated to online gambling. Start the conversation from talking about other forms of problematic addictions like alcoholism and drugs then slowly shift the topic closer to the actual issue. It is important to allow them draw parallels between junkies who cannot spend an hour without an injection or a pill and a person who cannot stop hitting that “play” button even when they should have stopped hours ago. Remember that any form of entertainment must be recreational in nature and allow you to have fun.

Tip #4. Remind them about special institutions

All modern online casinos try to be more responsible and always have a special link to an independent institution that specializes on helping people who cannot quit gambling. These institutions do help and provide valuable assistance to people with concerning issues. Every single advanced website will have a link to some sort of a company that helps in dealing with addictions. Just remind your friend that they can use professional help when needed in order to get rid from issues that can destroy their very lives.

Tip #5. Try to make them interested in another hobby

As mentioned previously an unhealthy addiction is mostly a problem of socialization and lack of other interesting activities. If you want your friend to be less obsessed with slots and start distracting themselves with something more productive, introduce them to a new form of activity. There are various hobbies out there that can completely overwhelm anyone and set them on an exciting new adventure. It can be drawing, dancing, boxing or literally anything else. Maybe rekindling some sort of an activity that used to engage your friend? All former sportsmen love returning to the field from time to time. A real fisherman never stops dreaming about catching a bigger fish.

Tip #6. Call for help

If your friend does not want to use the help of institutions themselves, try making an anonymous call to one of them and tell them that your friend has a problem. You will receive all necessary information about how to deal with the situation. In some cases, you will be able to ask for actual assistance and maybe force an influential intervention. Do not be afraid to make the first move and bravely make a step that could be a lifesaving decision. We all need some help from professional from time to time and it is not shameful to ask for it.

Tip #7. Do not be indifferent

This is the most irresponsible thing to do. Never ignore a close one in trouble. Do not think that they should sort out things on their own. Many problems are beyond our control. Some people can easily become victims to tricks of casinos that you will find childish and ineffective. We are all different and we all can be affected by some sorts of advertising and psychological tricks. In order to help your close ones, remain vigilant and never ignore even slightest changes in behavior. Remember that playing in online slots should be a form of entertainment and joy not a source of unhealthy aggressive behavior and debts.