What to Do If a Casino Tries to Steal Your Money

Steal Your MoneySadly, our industry is not a sort of heaven for all gamblers. Some companies are straight-up scams while others may just work really slowly and never provide a reliable banking service to their clientele. This is why so many people are constantly talking bad things about the industry and why we have to regularly update our ratings and search for enterprises that live up to expectations. In some cases, you may register at a seemingly respectable place and deposit some money. However, withdrawing your funds could be a problem and we will talk about what steps you should take when a seemingly trustworthy website does not want to pay.

You Have to Wait for a Certain Amount of Time

Carefully read terms and conditions. Some companies allow themselves some time to process withdrawals. There are several reasons why some of them would do such things. Don’t worry, in the vast majority of scenarios no one is planning anything malicious. Let’s talk why an online casino may not want you to receive cash.

  • They hope that you would change your mind and keep spending or mindlessly dump your deposit on several promising bets. This is the reason number one in many cases. All these flashy sites with videslots do not need a month to process a simple transaction, they want you to wait and regularly visit their website so that the desire to gamble a bit more would take over.
  • International bank wiring may take a long time. While a whole month is certainly too long, a bank could delay the procedure for up to 14 business days making it hard for many companies to reliably and quickly move funds especially from one country to another.
  • In some cases, withdrawals have to be further inspected due to suspicious activity on the account. This happens in rare case to people who are spending a lot of time in slots with minimum bets to play through bonuses and users of strangely repetitive patterns in betting. Inspections should never take longer than a couple of business days.
  • If you are a client of a fraudulent enterprise, the website could be actually scamming you. Nothing to do in such cases just follow our other suggestions.

All these reasons may prolong the transaction and delay it for up to a month which is a very long period of time. Nevertheless, any modern enterprise in the industry has a legal right for delays if it is written in their terms and conditions so read them carefully.

What to Do Next

There are several steps that you should take if you think that the delay is way too long. Do not overreact and follow a standard procedure.

  • Write a ticket to the support service. Don’t rush things and simply ask in your online chat about the delay. Minor problems are usually sorted out fairly quickly by managers and you won’t need to follow this conversation up with the next step.
  • Create a ticket in the system and write an e-mail to the service provider specifying all necessary information including your payment methods, times of depositing, withdrawal details, and anything that a support specialist may ask. Prepare scanned images of your documents to provide them if necessary. Wait for the reaction but remember about the maximum delay period specified in the T&C.
  • Find the affiliates network of your website and write to them about the problem. The network usually regulates all such issues in-house and impressively quickly. Again, describe your problem, tell about the delay, and wait for the response patiently.

The third step is usually all it takes to receive your money. Affiliate networks do not like losing paying customers and will punish bad affiliates in a timely fashion. Do not overuse their power but also don’t hesitate when you need their assistance. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do anything if the website you are working with is not associated with any other brands in the market. In such cases, no one can hold them accountable for their fraudulent actions. You may write a report and leave a bad review to such enterprises to warn fellow players about the scam.

Use Credit/Debit Cards

There is a simple reason why you should always use cards to deposit funds. In some cases, you can easily cancel the payment and refund your purchase. Learn more about how to do it in the bank that issued your card. Usually, you will have 60 business days to apply for a refund. You can explain the reason why you want to refund the payment. The refund is usually approved quickly and will not require a lot of additional hassles.

Remember that 60 days are counted since the deposit date and not the date that you asked for a your cash to be paid back. This is yet another reason to look for a casino with reasonable banking times. You will simply have more time to react and ask for a refund if things go south. You may need to provide additional personal data, details of your payments, and minor evidence that you did not receive services and goods that you purchased.

Sadly, you won’t be able to demand your hard earned cash if you made your payment with other methods like Neteller/Skrill or even Bank Wire.