Strategies for playing pokies

In the gamblers’ environment, various strategies are widely used to achieve the goal. Here are the most famous ones:

  1. Martingale system. Helps to compensate for the loss and gives hope to get what you want. To do this, the next rateonline casinos increases after the previous failure. You need to complete a lot of them in one game session.
  2. “Parlay”. A tactic that is completely opposite to Martingale (we recommend that you watch the video –, and consists in halving the rate after a loss and, accordingly, raising after a smiling fortune.
  3. The principle of the pyramid. Gradually raising rates to the maximum, and then, on the contrary, lowering to the minimum.
  4. Hi/Lo.”Twin” of the previous tactical move, but including a strategy of alternating low and high stakes.
  5. One attempt per day. It allows you to significantly save your budget and not be left penniless in an unfavorable scenario.

It is not for nothing that they say that playing pokies is like playing roulette, since it is unpredictable and depends on luck. The main thing is to limit the amount of loss before entering the casino and stop in time, considering visiting the casino as a pleasant leisure and nothing more.