How Do You Kiss Someone With Dentures?

If you have dentures and are entering a romantic relationship, then you may probably be wondering about that first kiss.  People may think this is something talked about only by stand-up comics in nightclubs, on late-night TV shows or sit-coms, but those who have undergone major dental reconstructive work have also endured that insecurity.  After all, nobody wants to lose their target of affection to a set of ill-fitting dentures!

A great bicyclist went through this when dating somebody he’d met when trying out for a world racing contest.  He had lost most of his teeth after a collision in a bicycle race when he was in his mid-twenties.  Because of his low income he was unable to get the work that would have retained his original teeth.  Nor could he afford implants at that time.  His dental insurance policy refused to cover such work since it was considered “cosmetic” and non-essential.  He therefore ended up wearing denture plates that served their purpose, but were somewhat inappropriate for real “romantic” kissing.  We often encounter this with athletes; soccer players and track stars will search and find the best deals like Groupons that offer 25% off the price of running and training gear from Under Armour.  Yet they are unable to find quality dental insurance and care that can help deal with situations that cause them to wear dentures.  It is not as amusing a circumstance as people tend to believe.

What can be done to resolve this matter?  Naturally, one can seek out the best forms of dental treatment as a way to rectify the situation.  However, many of these treatments are beyond the financial means of the average citizen.  So they are compelled to make do with less expensive solutions, or simply accept their circumstances.  Some may succeed in getting more comprehensive treatments through special funding assistance, or through obtaining treatment at dental education programs.  Others find insurance programs that make it possible.  But there are those for whom no realistic alternative exists.  And while implants are currently the holy grail of treatments for replacing lost teeth, there are those who are not candidates for this approach due to economic or medical constraints.  They are the ones who must learn how to kiss while leaving their teeth “in the jar” until other affordable and effective treatments become available.

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