Keno is a version of a lottery game, which is mainly the same as any other lottery based on the principle of obtaining occasional numbers from the variety of existing batch.
Let’s have a deeper look at what is a Keno game, how to play it, and what are possible strategies one may apply to play it.

How to play Keno online

kenoFree Keno games with bonus have different variations, depending on the specific online casino or offline place you’re playing it. Most often, there are 80 numbers, from 1 to 80, consecutively placed on the gaming field. Some variances of this game offer 50 or 60 numbers.

A player is free to pick from 1-3 at a min to 10-15-20 at a max of those numbers, depending on the type of poker Keno board game you’re currently on. The number of picked Keno balls will define how much you earn if you guess all of them or some part of them. The lesser number of items you pick for the game in Keno real money, the bigger is your possible winning for each combination but you’re limited to significantly smaller amounts of winnings compared to the situation when you pick 10-15-20 numbers, whilst the chance of correct guessing of each picked number tends to lower should you pick less.

To win big, you have to guess precisely all picked numbers. The less you guess right, the lesser your winning will be. Also, picking 10 or more numbers to play, there is usually no money paid if you guess 3 or lesser numbers out of ten.
To clarify the scheme, let’s highlight an example.
Let’s say, you’re playing the version of Keno with 80 numbers on the field, and you decide to pick 10 numbers. You buy your ticket if you play offline or pay for the bet if you play online and the system randomly generates 10 numbers or gives 10 balls from the rotating reel. Each round of the game (each ticket) will cost you, let’s say, 5 dollars.
If you guess 1-2-3 numbers, then you’re paid nothing. The table below shows approximately how much you’re earning by guessing 4-10 numbers in this scheme:

  • 4 -> $5
  • 5 -> $15
  • 6 -> $35
  • 7 -> $150
  • 8 -> $500
  • 9 -> $3,500
  • 10 -> $10,000.

The strategy of Keno game

  1. Even despite the fact that the entire Keno game is based on pure luck, as nobody can affect the numbers, which are going to be selected each time, there are some strategies of the best way to play Keno based on math.
    1. Martingale. The thing is that a player has to double a bet after he loses and to return to the initial bet after the victory. This is mostly used in roulette, as the odd of receiving black or red/odd or even numbers is about 47-48% (depending on the type of roulette) but some players apply Martingale Keno strategy winnings here, too (which is senseless, as there are no dependencies on numbers that are going to be shown each time, and it is possible to lose a hundred times in a row). In roulette, however, it makes sense because in the event of winning, all previous losses will be automatically covered and the gambler receives zero or smallest loss – but only within the player’s budget (as pretty much nobody can double the bet, let’s say, 30 times in a row).
  2. Placing bets on recurring numbers (which are believed to be shown more frequently). The common belief in this strategy is that if some numbers tend to show more frequent than random, using them, a player increases the chances of winning.
  3. The similar to the previous strategy is placing bets to those numbers, which are shown less frequently. The concept behind this is that if these numbers weren’t used as frequently as they should have statistically, having them on the display is statistically more probable next time.
  4. Placing on the same numbers multiple times to win real money Keno games no deposit. This strategy happens to become victorious for players of Keno and lotteries all over the world, who win hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars eventually. The thing is that may never happen or take dozens of years to come true.
  5. Selecting a various number of items to bet on – from 4 to 8, as, according to math, it is believed that everything more than 8 will be hard to guess and those lesser than 4 bring too little money to try.

Saving money with a free Keno game without downloading

Differently from video slots with reels, for instance, in Keno, you make a bet on the entire sequence of numbers that you pick, without betting on a number of possible winning combinations. Whilst reels offer millions of dollars to be won, they, in fact, exhaust your wallet much faster than you have in free online Keno games no downloads, which have about 94% or more the RTP rate. So, playing Keno with or without some strategy, you can lose less.

Various ticket types in Keno

A player of live Keno games can bet not only on the numbers themselves but also on the blocks of numbers. This defines the type of ticket in Keno (not all types of it allow doing that).
You can select the numbers you’re betting at and make blocks out of them, also making combinations of the same numbers within blocks, which will increase your winning should you win. Thus, the same number may appear in various blocks of your multi card Keno and, guessing it in the regular sequence of 1-80 and in the blocked bet, you simultaneously get more money.

A mobile version of Keno game

Every reputable online casino with Keno games free should allow its players to download a mobile version (which suits smartphones and tablets). Thus, you can download Keno app from your casino providing you the Keno game and enjoy the mobility you eventually get. You can after play anywhere in the world, only having your device in a hand and online connection, trying winning at Keno.