How Does an Electric Toothbrush Work?

Though we have brushed our teeth everyday from the time we were kids, there are chances of having toothaches and other complications. The main reason behind dental problems is the way we brush, and not what type or brand of toothbrush we use. Many people have a misconception that if we use the right kind of toothbrush or toothpaste, only then can we have good dental health. However, the answer lies in the manner we brush and not in the type of toothbrush we use.

Working of an Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush makes use of electric power to move the brush head which cleans the teeth. It is also sometimes known as a rotary toothbrush, since its head moves in an oscillating movement. There are many features which aid in proper brushing for people who have issues with motor coordination and movements. Though some researches claim that they do not provide any extra advantages over manual toothbrushes, other dental care research professionals and dentists agree that these brushes do have certain benefits to provide over their manual counterparts.

Knowing how the electric brush actually works would really be helpful for people who are trying to find out the best toothbrush. Electric brushes usually move in an oscillating or a vibrating pattern. They operate on batteries which can be recharged or replaced when needed. As they are to be operated near water, the parts are tightly sealed to preclude any possible damage to the device and harm to the user. As an electric system is incorporated inside their body, they are a bit thicker than manual toothbrushes. Another cool feature is that a timer can be set, normally for two minutes, to notify the user that he needs to change his cleaning location in his mouth. The user is alerted by a sound or just a short gap in the power supply. Some models may even have sensors which alarm you if you apply extra pressure in brushing. You can also adjust the head’s movement rate; such as for cleaning, soft brushing, or massage. In addition to the features, some models have an LCD screen which shows the time the user has been brushing or needs to brush. In few models, the LCD may even display a smiley.

The prices of electric toothbrushes are high; normally, prices range from $70 to even $170 or more for advances models. If you want to buy one for your kid, you need to know how many and what kind of heads are available with the set. You can search for the best reviews and compare the features. The best option to learn about all features and functionalities of these devices is to visit your local electronic store and check out the available models.

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