When people think of anabolic steroids they normally consider the massive muscular men. But there is a relationship between anabolic steroids and women. It is a fact that the numbers of men who supplement with steroids are much more than women. The reason is that anabolic steroids can destroy the femininity of a woman. But, there are few anabolic steroids that women can use safely and further, they must be implemented in low dosages. Many steroids may cause virilization in women because of the huge presence of androgens. Androgens are basically hormones that are produced by both men and women but when their production exceed beyond the desired levels, masculine traits develop in women.

In order to avoid the virilization effects in women, the first point is to choose the anabolic steroids that have low virilization characteristics. Some anabolic steroids cause virilization effects while some carry low. The best way to avoid the virilization symptoms of anabolic steroids is to choose the one that has less harsh side effects in females. There are a plenty of anabolic steroids present in the market but there are very few that are legal steroids and can be used without a prescription. There are certain anabolic compounds which have proved to be more beneficial in women than men. Their results are important for women just like testosterone is crucial for men.

Top female steroids

Without a doubt, the most popular steroid for women is Anavar, the trade name of the hormone Oxandrolone. It is the most user-friendly steroid for women and its use is considered more beneficial in women than men. It is often referred to as “the girl steroid” among the performance enhancing athletes. Most of the female users can easily tolerate a dosage of 10mg per day very well while some women can handle even the dosage of 20mg daily perfectly. If a woman responds well to a 10mg dosage daily, she can increase it to 15mg per day or 20mg per day.

Among the other steroids, Primobolan Depot is also a female-friendly steroid. Oral Primobolan can be taken too but it is usually not recommended as its use can cause damage to the liver. A dosage of 100mg of Primobolan Depot per week is considered good for most of the women but they must limit its use for 4 weeks only and a use of 6 weeks is viewed as the maximum. Then there is Winstrol, the trade name for Stanzolol hormone. Many female users can tolerate it well and a 10mg dosage every alternate day is the recommended dosage.

A general guide for the female steroid users

All the anabolic steroids are based out of testosterone, the male hormone. Women produce fewer testosterone levels and that is why they put on fewer muscles and do not develop strength like the male bodybuilders. The female bodybuilders use anabolic compounds to enhance testosterone levels in their body. The risk of harsh side effects in females with the use of anabolic steroids is more. Steroids such as Winstrol, Anavar, and Primobolan are modified versions of testosterone and are considered less harsh for women. Women should take low dosages and can consider taking the legal alternatives to these anabolic steroids to reduce the side effects.




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