When it comes to steroid cycle, you might love to flaunt that muscle mass that you get as the end result. But have you ever considered the importance of pursuing a sound Post Cycle Therapy, or PCT as they call it? You will need them to restore your normal hormone secretion after the cycle is over. It also helps to retain your muscular development for a long time. Furthermore, it assists to ward off negative results of testosterone deficiency, which you might suffer after you stop taking anabolic androgenic steroids!

There are many more things to learn about in this regard.

Do You Need Testosterone PCT?

You should know that almost all anabolic androgenic steroids owe their efficacy due to their formulations. The ingredients work by increasing the level of testosterone. When you take a steroid supplement, you actually start taking synthetic testosterone. In fact, the level of hormone exceeds far above than what your system can naturally manage to secrete. When your body gets the message that it has got more testosterone than what it normally requires, it would slacken down secreting natural hormone. So much so that you can even suffer a complete shutdown in the system after a standard 16-week steroidal circle gets over! To avoid this crash in hormone level, considering a PCT stack to boost testosterone is more than important.

More Health Perks

What will happen if you just put an end to your cycle without a PCT? Apart from testosterone deficiency, you can suffer from irritability, depression, severe headache, fatigue and many other negative effects. And they can linger for many weeks. This is why seasoned bodybuilders and athletes swear on it. However, you have to form a realistic view regarding the post-cycle benefits. For example, if you have been taking steroids for many years, then it might take some extra time for your hormones to reboot.

The Right Time

On an average, a PCT stack to boost testosterone can linger for about 4-6 weeks.Even when the therapy is on, you can experience certain symptoms of side effects.  For example, expect a bit of muscle loss and relatively less physical strength. But thankfully, none of the indications are likely to be grave. It is ideal that you lower the dosage of drugs towards the end of a cycle, and add in PCT medications alongside. However, depending on the half-life of the supplement you take, it might need a two-week gap before staring the therapy.

PCT Supplements

By and large, there are two standard medicines that health experts refer during a Post Cycle Therapy. They include Clomid and Nolvadex. Among them, Nolvadex is known for its anti-estrogen properties. In fact, it offers a dual role. In certain areas, it replicates natural estrogen, which is the female hormone. However, in other areas, it does not act in favor of estrogen. Overall, it allows very potent testosterone stimulation. This, in return, helps to kick start natural hormone production in your body. Again,Clomid is known as a SERM orSelective Estrogen Receptor Modulator medicine. It helps in boosting fertility. It works by hindering the unfavorable effects of estrogen. Plus, it supports the release of Gonadotropin, another female hormone.


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