Phe375 is a nonprescription weight loss drug commonly used by people who do not want to go through a physician. Some misconceptions are there amongst the users who use it without the background knowledge about the medicine. Then these people start raising rumors and complaints in print, social and online media. Instead of answering their complaints, if the misconceptions can be laid to rest, it will serve the purpose and raise the awareness amongst its users.

Who Needs Weight Loss Drugs

The people who are overweight and obese are the ones who resort to drugs for weight loss. And one has to understand why they become so in the first place. Everyone eats food for their growth and healthy life. However, it so happens that either by a quirk of nature or by habit, people tend to eat more than enough. When this has gone for a long time, then all the unused energy is stored as fat. As per WHO publication, those whose Body Mass Index is more than 25 to 30 is overweight and above 30, obese. These people are at serious risk of getting heart attacks, sleep disorders, diabetes or even cancer. The way to reduce weight is by having regular physical activities. But this takes a long time to take effect. If one is in a hurry to lose weight, then they resort to medications for accelerated weight. But before taking any medicine, one should know the facts about the medicine so common customer complains about Phen375 do not happen as this is one of the popular weight loss drugs.

Misconceptions of Phen375

There are a lot of medicines for losing weight but one stands out. It is called Phentermine, invented in the 50s. The drug did reduce weight in an effective manner but later it was found that the drug was responsible for heart diseases and the FDA made it a controlled substance. Now it will be available only through a prescription from a physician for those who need it. Phen375 is a drug supplement approved by FDA but doesn’t require a prescription. Since FDA is involved, it goes through the normal quality checks as that of other medicines or drugs and hence reliable. But those who are in a hurry to lose weight may have some misconceptions that it’s expensive, not as effective as phentermine, makes people insomnia or a total scam product.

Facts about Phen375

The fact that this is not as effective as Phentermine is true in the sense that it does help in weight loss but acts slowly. On an average use of 6 weeks, 2lbs per week weight loss is normal. After this period, it becomes less effective. One can continue the drug after a rest period of 2 months or so. The other point about insomnia is due to the fact that it contains caffeine and if one takes it in the morning, sleep won’t be affected. These common customer complaints about Phen375 can be avoided if one compliments their weight loss program with proper diet and exercise. And one has to appreciate that it has fewer side effects than other potent drugs. In any case, one has to seek medical advice in case of serious side effects.



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