Medically, Clenbuterol or Clen is popular as sympathomimetic amine. It is a basic component of bronchodilator medications. Clenbuterol acts by dilating the muscle tissues surrounding the airways of your lungs. It is generally prescribed for treating any kind of disorder of lungs. In the world of sports, bodybuilders use it to get rid of the excess body fat that camouflages their toned physique and gives them a bulky look. It normally proves to be effective for people who have a lean body.

The beginner’s guide

Irrespective ofwhether you are an experienced bodybuilder or a novice, the initial dose remains the same for both. In case of men, who combine it with Beta-2stimulator, 40mcg per day is actually a perfect does to start with and for women who choose the same option should go for 20mcg in a day. This is considered as a mild dose for beginners both in case of men and women. Safely cycling this fat burnerhelps you to avoid any kind of unwanted harsh effect on your body. As a first time user, it is very important for you to monitor any kind of abnormalities. Since female users are considered to be more reactive to Clenbuterol, they should be more careful in monitoring.  You should never bring any alteration in the dosage without consultingyour medical practitioner. The ideal time to have the Clen liquid or pills is before your workout early in the morning.

How to safely lose weight with Clen

As a user, you must be wondering that if taken correctly, are there still chances of facing any kinds side effects?Basically, if you are suffering from some kinds of pre-existing medical conditions then it is not considered safe. In these cases, Clen can have severe adverse reactions. Mentioned below is a list of conditions, people suffering from these conditions should avoid taking this drug:

  • If you have had a stroke or is suffering from any kind ofheart problem
  • If you are having high blood pressure
  • If you are suffering from obesity
  • If you arealready taking medications for other health issues
  • If you are on any kind of thyroid medications
  • If you are required to work out in hot climates at high intensities for a long period of time

It is advised that even under normal conditions, you should check with your doctor if it is okay for you to start with the drug.

The guide to take the pills

A cycle of 16 weeks of oral pills of Clenbuterol is considered the best cycle when combined with a proper diet. Some may feel that 16 weeks is too long, but considering the safety reason, it is recommended. In this plan,you are advised to start off with a low dose and stick to it for atleast 2 to 3 weeks. After this time span, you can increase the dose by around 20mcg and follow a similar protocol. If you are safely cycling this fat burner, it will definitely help you to lose a lot of weight. Sometimes, you can try stacking these cycles with some other fat burning steroids likeTestosterone, Anavar or Winstrol.


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